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    Car Repairs in Leeds

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Whatever you need to get fixed on your car in Leeds, you need a reputable garage that you can trust to do your repairs. At Burley Road garage, we're repair experts for most makes of car, and are near you if you're in Leeds city centre, Kirkstall, Hyde Park, Headingley, or of course Burley.

We're equipped with all the latest tools and our mechanics keep their expertise up to date. We have access to all the manufacturer's latest technical service bulletins.

Repairs can range from basic jobs such as wheel alignment or brake replacement to more complicated jobs such as diagnosing an electronics problem or car body repairs.

If you're not sure how you're going to pay for your unexpected repairs, we can help you out there too - with Payment Assist you can spread the cost of your payments without paying anything more than the original bill.

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Paying for your repairs

What if you can't afford your repair bill?

With Payment Assist, we can help you pay for the cost of your car repairs by splitting the cost into regular payments with no fee and no interest!

  • Spread the cost with interest-free payments!

How to spread the cost of your car repairs for free:

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You get an unexpected car repair bill for £400 but you don't have enough money left this month to pay for it.

Ask for Payment Assist. You pay £100 today as a deposit and take out a finance plan. Your car gets fixed and you go on your way.

You pay £100 a month over the next three months to clear your bill.

You pay £400 total. No fees. No interest.

Payment Assist Limited has been operational since 2013 and is fully authorised by the FCA, and regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and all other applicable legislation. You can read more about help with your car repair bill here.

Claiming on the warranty

If you have an extended warranty, you can usually use a garage such as Burley Road to carry out repairs using approved parts, but do check your warranty terms and conditions.

If your car is covered by the original warranty and you want the manufacturer to pay for the fix you will want to return to your original dealership.

Claiming your repairs on your insurance

If you're claiming for the damage on your insurance, we'll give you a full estimate for the repair work and are used to working with insurance companies and accommodating their requirements and inspections.

Planning and budgeting

You can use your car manual to see what work needs doing when so you can budget for the cost.

How to avoid needing car repairs

We recommend regular servicing in order to avoid damage that can lead to costly repairs, for example changing the oil and filters regularly, and the cambelt (camshaft drive belt or timing belt) every 70,000 miles or so. If your cambelt fails while you’re driving it can cause serious engine damage!

Most cars now have dashboard warning messages to bring issues to your attention such as the tyres, braking system, engine, oil and coolant levels. If you get one of these warnings, check it out straight away. Some of them are urgent and you should pull off the road straight away and stop the engine.

You can check your car manual to learn how often parts of your car need checking and replacing or what your warning lights mean. Or if you prefer to have it explained to you, get in touch – we're happy to answer any questions you have about caring for your make and model.