A car service isn't a legal requirement, unlike an MOT, although a regular service is usually required to keep any vehicle warranty you may have valid. Many customers like to have their service and MOT carried out around the same time to rectify any faults in advance of the test.

Having a full service every year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, will save you money by keeping it running as efficiently and safely as possible and reducing the likelihood of a breakdown. It will also help you sell your car for your asking price as buyers are reassured by a fully stamped service book.

Here at Burley Road garage we are conveniently placed for car servicing near you if you're in Kirkstall, Headingley, Leeds city centre, Hyde Park, or of course Burley.

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What happens at a car service?

A service checks various aspects of your car so you are aware of its condition, although it does include some fluid changes eg oil and filter change.

If we identify that any work is needed on your car during the course of your service, you're welcome to take your car to another garage in Leeds or elsewhere to have the work done. We'll advise you on the issue and provide a quote, and you can decide if, when and where you want to have the work done.

But with decades of combined knowledge and experience between our highly trained technicians we are able to service and repair most makes and model here in Leeds, quickly and at competitive prices.

We offer the following 3 car servicing options:

Blue car with open bonnet showing engine etc in a garage in Leeds


*price varies according to vehicle
£79.99* including MOT

  • Free pick up and drop off


*price varies according to vehicle

  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Free engine flush


*price varies according to vehicle

  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Free engine flush
  • Free MOT

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Do I need to take my car to the dealership for servicing?

European laws mean that you no longer have to take your car back to the dealership for servicing. These will continue to apply, at least in the short term, after Brexit.

The Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulations (BER) in 1995 provided for consumer rights regarding service and repair. It required that technical data and repair instructions be made available to the independent motor trade so that car owners didn't have to take their car to a franchised dealer for service or repair.

Whilst regular servicing is a condition of most warranties, dealerships are prohibited from making you get it serviced with them.

However, these rules may not apply to lease cars, so please check the small print of your lease agreement.

As long as the garage you go to uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer's service schedule, as we do at Burley Road, you can benefit from much lower costs for parts and labour – up to 65% lower than dealerships for the exact same products and work – and you don't have to travel so far.

We are conveniently placed for car servicing near you if you're in Leeds city centre, Kirkstall, Hyde Park, Headingley, or of course Burley.

We have the latest computer software, which allows us to print out and follow the manufacturer’s service schedule and give you a completed copy. We will reset the service light and stamp your physical record book or online service book on the manufacturer's portal.

Interim Service or Full Service?

An interim service (also known as a 54 point check or 55 point car service) is a quick car service done every 6,000 miles or 6 months. These are usually required in the interim between the annual/12,000 mile full one for vehicles which either do a lot of short journeys or, on the contrary, drive over 20,000 miles a year.

An interim service includes a number of component checks, an oil and oil filter change, and a top up of many of the fluid levels in the engine.

Leeds Car Service Deals!

Book an interim service and MOT for just £79.99! Car collection and delivery included.

What does an interim service in Leeds include?

  • Engine oil replaced
  • Oil filter replaced
  • Gearbox oil and axel oil top up
  • Coolant and antifreeze top up
  • Brake and power steering fluid top up
  • Fuel lines, brake pipes, hoses and handbrake
  • Warning lights
  • Seatbelts
  • Air conditioning
  • Timing belt interval
  • Auxiliary and fan belts
  • Air filter
Close up of screwdrivers on a workbeanch with car mechanics looking into an open car bonnet blurred in the background
  • Battery and charging system
  • Clutch
  • Steering and suspension
  • Exhaust system and emissions
  • Tyre safety inspection
  • Brakes
  • ABS
  • Drums and discs
  • Bodywork and mirrors
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • Windscreen wipers, washers and top up
  • Fuel cap

Full Car Service in Leeds

Mechanic checking tyre pressure

A full service should be carried out after 12 months, or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first (and a major one at 24,000 miles or 24 months).

It features a full change of filters, a top up of all key fluids, and a check over a large number of key components.

We even do a free engine flush!

In more detail, a full service checks everything the interim one does plus:

  • Engine and gearbox mounts
  • Starter motor cranking and security tests
  • Visual inspections of radiator and coolant pipes
  • Removal of wheels to check brakes
  • Door hinges, catches and locks
  • Condition of distributor cap
  • Coolant system leaks
  • Suspension
  • Engine cooling fan
  • Operation of throttle
  • Air filter replaced
  • Wheel bearings
  • Free engine flush
  • Reset service light
Close up of mechanic under a car raised high using a tool to unscrew suspension

What is the difference between a full and a major service in Leeds?

A major service is recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles and is the most comprehensive check of your car for wear and tear.

In addition to all the above, we replace filters and spark plugs, change oil, brake and coolant fluids.

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