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Clutches in Leeds

Are you experiencing issues with your clutch?
Let us take a look

3 circular mechanical and metal parts of a taken apart clutch

The clutch is an important component of your car which can become easily worn over time. Failure to get it changed as quickly as possible can result in permanent damage to your vehicle and pose a potential safety risk.

At Burley Road our highly trained team is experienced working with various models of clutch and gearboxes ensuring we have the skillset to diagnose faults quickly and recommend cost effective solutions. This ensures a reduced risk of damage to other components of the vehicle.

We recognise the costs for clutch repairs can put off vehicle owners until it’s too late and significant repairs are required. With this in mind we offer competitive, affordable prices with no hidden extras.

Signs your vehicle's clutch needs professional attention include:

  • Experiencing difficulty when trying to change gears
  • Clutch pedal feels spongy or sticky when pressed
  • Clutch pedal feels loose
  • A squeaking or grinding noise when the clutch pedal is pressed
  • While your car may rev, you experience poor acceleration

So don’t delay, if your clutch isn’t performing properly, contact our specialist team of technicians today to prevent the risk of permanent damage.