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Suspension Repairs in Leeds

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Close up of mechanic under a car raised high using a tool to unscrew suspension

A properly working suspension system on your vehicle ensures a smooth drive and avoids the potential damage that can be caused to various vehicle components from vibration.

At Burley Road garage we are conveniently placed to check and fix your suspension in Burley and the surrounding areas of Leeds city centre, Kirkstall, Hyde Park, Headingley, and Armley. Our highly experienced team of technicians have worked with many of the different manufacturers of suspension systems.

This ensures we can perform diagnostic tests and complete repairs in a timely manner, ensuring you avoid the disruption of been off the road for long periods of time. We source fully approved shock absorbers from suppliers and in most instances can fit them in the same day.

You can recognise when your suspension system is failing when:

  • The vehicle provides a rough ride, with every bounce in the road felt
  • Dipping and nose diving when stopping the vehicle
  • Uneven tyre tread caused by the car not been held evenly by the suspension system